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Remember what you did...last Halloween at Louise Michel !

Par ELODIE CLERC, publié le dimanche 25 novembre 2018 16:57 - Mis à jour le dimanche 25 novembre 2018 16:57
Halloween celebrations at Louise Michel
Les élèves de la section LCE vous proposent un résumé en anglais de notre journée thématique "Let's celebrate Halloween!" du 19 octobre dernier. Une belle occasion de se remémorer cette journée et de découvrir de nouvelles photos! Bonne lecture!

The English European section set up the first Halloween party at Louise Michel on Friday October 19th.

Before October 19th:

In English, we studied some famous monsters like Frankenstein and discovered other monsters around the world. We learnt vocabulary about monsters' physical description and gothic make-up and studied the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. 

With our art teacher, we prepared our costume and made an adornment to make us look scary. 

The week before the party, we rehearsed our parade and the dances with the CHAD pupils.

On October 19th:

We decorated the gym in the morning and rehearsed the parade and dances again. 

At 1.3Opm we paraded in the gym on a red carpet, wearing our costume and adornment. The CHAD students danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller

Then, we were in charge of workshops to make other students play games and do different activities to celebrate Halloween. 

We also danced in the gym.

Outside, there was a buffet with some spooky cakes!

After the party, all the pupils helped to clean and tidy the gym and then we went home.


We had a great time! 


Texte: Ayumi, Zoé et les élèves de LCE anglais

Crédits photos: I. Dauger



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